Clothe your lifestyle.

Let’s clothe your lifestyle with ageless style, crafted with creative cuts twined by serene stitches in flow with fabulous fabric. Makulu Lifestyle is always excited about the prospects of clothing your lifestyle with our authenticity.

A fashion brand that creates authentic, ready-to-wear and bespoke apparel!

We blend native African themes into contemporarily comfortable, dashingly durable clothing that culturally enriches space and time, every day and on every occasion. Our creative vision is to continually make wears that are intuitive, brilliant, sophisticated while simultaneously being conservative enough to be worn at the workplace. Our cuts and stitches of textile exude magical narratives of the confluence of ancestral artisanship and tech-inspired functionality flaying into tributaries of poise and purpose.

A vision to boost Africa’s authentic fashion as it increases international marketplace dominance.

Our brand colours are black and white for deeper unifying creativity. Our brand culture is non-partisan upholding humanity ideals. For indeed: “The isms go, the ist dies, art remains” – Vladimir Nabokov. Our fashion activism and economic advocacy make informed and insightful input into government policymaking. We champion this through fashion activism entrepreneurship.

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Let’s clothe you in ageless style, crafted with creative cuts.

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